Most SEOs Don't Report Competitors To Google

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Do You Report Competitors to Google?

A couple weeks ago I asked if Do You Report Your Competitors as Spam in Google? Well, the results are in and most SEOs said they do not report their competitors to Google as spamming. Of the 159 responses, 111 respondents or 70% said no, they do not report competitors to Google. 45 respondents or 28% said they do report competitors to Google. While three of those votes were for "other" but was actually left blank.

Here is the break down: :: No said 111 respondents or 70% :: Yes said 45 respondents or 28% :: Other said 3 respondents or 2%

I am actually a bit surprised by the results, I would have thought more SEOs would anonymously say that they do report competitors to Google. These results, to me, shows a fairly strong unity amongst the SEO industry.

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05/23/2008 03:02 pm

nice to hear


05/24/2008 03:45 am

I never report any one to Google, ever. I tell my clients not to report other people either. Just work hard at ethical link building, keep clean, and don't report others.


05/24/2008 04:58 pm

Rather than a sign of unity, I'd think this as an indication that people don't want to use the system in place for reporting. If reporting could be done anonymously, ie not within a GWT account associated with one's own sites, then I think Google would see a greater volume of submissions. BTW- If SEOs aren't reporting, then I doubt anyone is.

Gab Goldenberg

05/25/2008 07:24 am

Not familiar with how it works, but in principle I wouldn't have a problem reporting spam. It's not like they expect it to be long-lived if it ranks, anyways...

No Name

05/27/2008 04:55 pm

so long as reports are only made in genuine cases of spam that would be ok, but not to report out of competitive malice..

Tom Smith

05/27/2008 04:56 pm

Unity in what sense? If you report (or don't) it doesn't show unity with anyone else at all. What I'd like to know is "Do Google act on reporting?"... I know there have been a few high profile cases, but they were exactly that... a few high profile cases. Why would Google shut down AdSense-rich spam farms?

No Name

05/28/2008 04:06 pm

Ethically we should not report our competitors. Because they are references of our sites.


11/14/2008 12:57 pm

I have been reported as I can not place my domain anywhere in a comment box. As you can see I have used the .in cause my .uk domain wont work online.

Best SEO Company

12/11/2010 05:10 pm

This create opportunity to beat them using white hat seo if they use black hat to get higher ranking.


12/13/2010 03:04 pm

i think i do not report my competition for a few reasons; 1 - i think buying links should be fair game; - and i am guilt of it myself. also, i suppose im not entirely convinced its worth my time - will google really do anything about it? i am skeptical of that.

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