Love Google Maps? Help Improve It With Your Suggestions

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Google Maps has really come a long way since it originally launched, a really long way. The mapping tools offered by Google are not only informative but very fun to use. From street views, directions, plotting your own points, user images, wikipedia data, data overlays and much more - it is really a great tool for users.

But it can be better and Google is looking for suggestions from us.

Google Maps Guide Brian posted a thread at Google Groups asking for our feedback and suggestions. He said:

We're always interested in hearing your feedback and feature suggestions. Use this group to share your thoughts, and I, along with the rest of the Google Maps Guides, will make sure that your comments shared with the rest of the team.

If there is any feature you want, this is your time to let Google know about it. Just go to the thread, join the forum and post your two cents.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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05/28/2008 06:33 am

I'd like to see Google add live GPS tracking to their maps application. This would be particularly helpful when I use my cell phone for directions via Google maps.


06/05/2009 01:38 pm

i want to put some pictures of my location on google maps . how to do it?


07/07/2009 01:18 pm

While using gMaps with GPS tracking on my phone, it would be great to have a button to show the weather conditions. Just an on/off button to see what you're about to drive into.

rear admiral dn thukral

07/23/2009 03:14 pm

dear sir, i am visiting my son at 15 byrne court, monroe, nj, 08831. the google map satellite picture still does not show his house along with many other houses on this street, although his house was ready in jan 2008. pl advise when will this location be updated? generally , as a policy, how often is updating carried out. thanks and regards.


10/01/2009 09:12 pm

Getting directions from placemarks would be very helpful. I usually create a mymap and add a number of placemarks, I then want to get directions from one to the other and I can't just type in the name of the placemark in the A and B field. I can type in the address but this is not as convenient.


02/05/2010 08:51 am

Dear sir Osmanabad (Maharashtra,India) is on railway route between Latur and Kurduwadi but Google maps do not have shown any railway route via Osmanabad station so please coorect it and show the railway route passing through Osmanabad station


02/05/2010 08:55 am

google maps don't have shown railway route passing through Osmanabad Station (Maharashtra,India) please show it


06/05/2010 10:50 am

I'd like to see an option for cyclists, suggesting routes that are safe (no highways etc.), giving the option for slow, medium and fast cyclists and including information on heights of hills.

Stephen Bassett

10/07/2012 09:55 pm

I have an idea for a new addition to google maps entirely. I would also like to help make it a reality. If somebody from google is interested in a unique add-on please help me get in touch with you... I have had a tough time finding a way to contact google for this is not a complaint, nor do I need support. The add-on involves a mapping system that does not exist on a large database scale. It would be widely used and very popular.


11/14/2013 02:54 am

Show bike share locations, especially relative to subway stations & bike routes

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