Google AdWords Magnifying Glass Goes Missing

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Yesterday afternoon at about 4pm (EST), the Google AdWords magnifying glass feature went missing. The magnifying glass is a little icon you can find in the keyword list within your AdWords management interface. When you mouse over the icon, up comes information regarding your quality square factors. Here is a screen capture:

AdWords Magnifying Glass

That feature went missing around 4pm (EST) yesterday and finally came back around five hours later.

In a WebmasterWorld thread, AdWordsAdvisor confirmed the issue at 7:48 pm and then about an hour later informed us the issue should have been resolved.

I can confirm that I see the magnifying glass this morning.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/25/2008 05:00 pm

Here is how Google Ad Words ate up my entire budget in a few hours: By monitoring every visit and each click through for yesterday’s Ad Words campaign, I noticed that most visits were from the Google network of “search partners” and when people visit sites from Google’s “content network.” These are separate from when people search for keywords on Google. While these networks can be turned off, I wanted to see how efficient the entire campaign was. I use to use Ad Words, but observed that many of the click throughs were from competitors. Much better results for us have always been from news articles and customer referrals than pay for click advertising. My impression is that those who get paid when people click on ads posted on their hosted sites were directly clicking on the ads and getting paid by Google. My entire ad budget disappeared within a few hours on a Saturday morning. The average click charge was more than $4.00. Here is one sample of the type of sites I constantly saw clicked. Google is smart for enabling customers to choose each service independently, but when you choose these other networks, be forewarned, from my encounter, that it is less likely that you will make sales and conversions from your Ad Words, but rather just very quickly put money in the hands of others. Do others have similar experiences? Mitch -

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