Google AdWords Updates Billing Page

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If you login to your Google AdWords account and visit the billing summary page, under "my account," you will notice that the page looks different. Google's FAQ page says they have updated the page for three reasons, "transparency, flexibility, and performance."

The new billing page looks like this:

Google AdWords New Billing Page

The old billing page, taken from here, looked like this:

Google AdWords Old Billing Page

The main changes are:

  • Advertising costs are broken out by day
  • One invoice is created at the beginning of each month showing all advertising costs and payments from the previous month
  • Highlights were added at the top of the rows showing balance or next bill date, your last payment info and your payment methods.
  • Costs are broken down by day
  • Overdelivery credits are clearly displayed now
  • Your running balance is clearer
  • Better and more flexible date range options
  • Collapsible totals feature for monthly views
  • New filter by charges, payments, adjustments, and taxes
  • A break out by Offline ad views (like print or tv ads)
  • Monthly invoice print option
  • Speed was improved
  • Faster updates, from six hours to less than an hour.

There were more changes, but this is a major change to the AdWords Billing Summary page.

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Kevin Doory

05/22/2008 02:23 pm

It should be noted that it the change doesn't show on MCC accounts right now. Or maybe it just might take some more time to take affect.


05/23/2008 03:27 pm

I have a number of sub accounts in my MCC account and I would say the majority have been transitioned over to the new format - which I hate! The invoicing provided in the old model allowed me to clearly tell which campaigns were charged which amount (I use very specific account numbers for billing). In the new model, it only provides a 'simplified' invoice with new campaign differentiation! It is one of the first changes Google has made that I am totally against! They should provide an option of whether or not advertisers want to be included in this 'improved' billing page.


06/04/2008 08:44 pm

I'm with Jon. Unfortunately, if you have multiple campaigns running under one client account (as many people do) and you need to reconcile your charges for individual campaigns to different places you're now unable to do that. They made some nice additions, but made one MAJOR omission (wth were they thinking?) that's quickly lead to an angry mob if they don't get that problem fixed ASAP.

Rick in Delta

10/14/2008 11:29 pm

What in hell is a Google adWord account and how did I get one?

Priya Iyer

08/19/2009 03:53 am

I find these changes in Billing summary page are pretty ok. Nice post. Thanks


08/19/2009 04:13 am

Really nice post, the billing summary page got awesome now .:-)

Dave Miller

01/18/2010 11:00 pm

I need to talk to a real person concerning our account.

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