Google Sitelinks in Position 60?

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A Google Groups thread has discussion about one webmaster that sees Sitelinks for his site in position 60. The search is for vacation realty and in the 60th position. While, I do not see the Sitelinks at that position, the webmaster does and provided a screen shot:

Delayed Google Sitelinks

So there is really no doubt that this webmaster is seeing this on his computer. The question is, why aren't any of us? Typically, I wouldn't report something like this, but it is very unusual, so I wanted to draw more eyes to it.

What I do find very interesting is that Googler, JohnMu, tells the webmaster to look at the -60 penalty Google Groups thread. Does he mean to imply that some sites with the -60 penalty, that deserve a number one position, will see Sitelinks in position 60, in these cases?

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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Patrick Altoft

04/24/2008 02:46 pm

I believe text link ads used to have the same issue.


04/24/2008 10:54 pm

When he sees the site links in that position is he signed into his Google account?

Barry Schwartz

04/25/2008 01:13 am

He is not signed in.


04/27/2008 06:30 am

Its not new to me......

Michael VanDeMar

04/27/2008 08:06 am

Huh, that webmaster had asked me for some help on that, and I had asked him if he would let me blog about the issue first once he was ready to go live. Guess he decided he doesn't need my help. I posted some observations about the phenomena here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>


05/03/2008 04:47 pm

Just a follow up we are in the process of cleaning up the site and have seen alot progress. We are hoping the site. Also Sorry to Michael I did mention it to him and did not know it would get picked up in the Webmaster Help group.


06/23/2008 02:45 am

As of now the site is still in limbo, we cleaned it up 100% its just that people are now taking them themes we made and adding their own links to rank sites. We emailed everyone but new people come around everyday.

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