Google Directory PageRank Update: Directory PageRank Now Matches Toolbar PageRank

Apr 4, 2008 • 8:02 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Google has updated the PageRank bars within the Google Directory recently. The new update now matches the PageRank values of the Google Toolbar. For example, the Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Promotion > Weblogs category now shows my revised, penalized Toolbar PageRank score of a 4 and not a 7.

New Directory PageRank Score: Google Directory PageRank

Old Directory PageRank Score: Google Directory PageRank Update

The last time Google did a PageRank Directory update was in January and at that time, the PageRank score in the directory did not match the toolbar update from November or so. For history on that, start here and go back.

A WebmasterWorld thread notes that Google has also changes the scale of the Directory PageRank bars from a 0-7 to 0-10, this way it matches the Toolbar scale. Interesting, indeed.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/04/2008 02:57 pm

I have just updated and reloaded our website will this get us a better page ranking? or can someone explain in a bit more detail about page ranking? The web site is Thanks Neil

Andy Beard

04/07/2008 01:10 am

Interesting move by Google. The 8 scale was due for an overhaul a few years back. Looks like the Google directory is no longer the last bastion of true Google PageRank for whatever that was ever worth.


04/07/2008 01:58 pm

One has to wonder how long they'll maintain THIS change. It seems that Google's main focus is to change the rules as often as possible, and certainly as soon as possible after we SEO types think we have a handle on them. Was any reason given for the disparity in the first place?

John McLaughlin

04/08/2008 05:54 am

Not so sure Page Rank means much. My focus right now is relationship rank through social networking. Relating well is much easier than ranking well - my view, anyway. John McLaughlin, Day Traders - Consultant / Coach

Zacky Harris

04/09/2008 09:38 am

I agree with John. Not sure now if pagerank even means anything as more and more people began to see the unstablility in the system of pageranking. It keeps on changing so fast that I don't see the importance anymore. What's more importance now is relationship building and ranking through social networking. At least it does not change so often (I hope so) Zacky Harris


06/26/2008 05:29 pm

So, on my site I haven't seen a change in page rank. Has anyone else noticed a page rank change since the first part of the year? Thanks, Martial

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