Google Search Index March '08 Update Underway?

Mar 31, 2008 • 7:03 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

The huge WebmasterWorld thread devoted to tracking Google changes over the course of March 2008 has sprung some late March legs. Reseller, well known at WebmasterWorld for tracking the slightest changes at Google, posted two data centers that are very different.

The two data centers that appears to be shuffling around include:

Reseller jokes:

May be the folks at Google Search Quality Team are focusing this weekend at improving the search relevancy at the top ;-)

Google's constantly updating their search index and results, but this update seems to be pretty major. We do not know yet if it will propagate through to the main results.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: I am getting word that many folks are seeing the dramatic changes at the main results. I personally don't see the data center hitting the results for me, but many are now.

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Michael Martinez

03/31/2008 03:44 pm

Nothing particularly interesting on either data center that I can see, but perhaps it's more vertical-dependent at the moment. This March 2008 Google update thing has been a topic of considerable discussion on several popular forums, although I seem to have been the only person blogging about it. I don't think this is just another Google update.


04/01/2008 03:12 am

there's definitely something big going on, we've gone from #4 to gone, back to #12, and then on your first ip address back to #6... very crazy!

Amy Bright

04/03/2008 05:35 pm

For the last few weeks, I've been closely monitoring my client's #1 keyword "GPS Tracking". He's in CO. and I'm in AZ. The other night we both checked and he was FINALLY on page 1 in position #10. He checked and he was on the top of page 3 in position #21. I sent him a screen shot and explained to him the data centers. There's definitely an issue. I checked this morning on my computer at work and he was in #13/pg.2. I checked both data centers above and he came up on the bottom of pg. 3 on the first IP and middle of the page of page 2 on the 2nd IP listed here.


04/04/2008 05:43 pm

We've also noticed a few changes with our listings, including one sports blog that has moved from #3 for it's top keyword down to about #35. This change happened virtually overnight with no rhyme or reason.

Brad Borst

04/16/2008 05:43 pm

This issue appears to be affected by time of day. In the mornings our organic listing for "GPS Tracking" is in position 22, and almost every evening, we jump to position 10 on Google. We have been bouncing back and forth like this for about 1 month in Google.


05/09/2008 05:55 am

Yes, we are no noticed a some change with our Search listings.

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