Will Yahoo's Radio Commercials Help Take Market Share From Google?

Mar 21, 2008 • 8:44 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine & Yahoo SEO

Last week, I received a preview of some of the radio commercials Yahoo just started running. The commercials are aimed at trying to build more awareness of Yahoo Search. Some of the commercials target Google.

Elinor Mills has some quotes from some of the ads.

Search engines like Google get you lost in all the links, but not Yahoo search.

You won't find that on your Google page!

I am going to see if I can get some clips of these ads to add to this post later.

What do SEOs and Webmasters think? From a WebmasterWorld thread:

On a serious note, these ads have proven to be extremely dangerous as I almost drove off the road in disbelief when I first heard it.

Dead medium for a dead search engine. Pretty appropriate.

As long as they're polluting the results with paid inclusion, it doesn't matter how many radio spots they buy. People will still prefer *any* other engine which doesn't sell out the results.

Anyway, time will tell if it works. They are currently not doing any TV ads, like some other search company tried to do.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jacques Snyman

03/21/2008 06:10 pm

Down here in South Africa we've had big radio campaigns for a local group of search engines. One of their staff members told me that it nwas a fantastic success. Radio is still a viable medium in this part of the world, but have to add that offline advertising can create lots of awareness, obviously what Yahoo! is trying to do.


03/21/2008 07:27 pm

There are a lot of people for whom radio is not a dead medium and the web is alien enough that they don't know they have options. The opinion of "SEOs and webmasters," who definitely are not the audience intended, is pretty much beside the point. I assume they'll be testing to see if the campaign is effective, before ramping it up further.

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