SES NY '08 Conference Recap

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SES NYIt is weird writing a conference recap while sitting in my office but that is where I am. Like most New York conferences, I commute back and forth - so no flying for me (thankfully). In any event, the Search Engine Strategies New York show is now over.

It was the first big show that Danny Sullivan did not run, so yes, it did kind of feel like it was missing something, at least from my perspective. There were a lot of different things taking place for the first time, like several keynotes instead of one and these Orion panels. So SES did not feel like an old SES. Not sure yet if that is a good or bad thing.

The Internet Marketers of New York held a charity even Wednesday night for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, sponsored by Best of the Web and Search Engine Land. The event pulled together over $16,000 for the charity! I know many of those reading this now were unable to make it to SES NY. But I strongly recommend you pitch in and represent the SEM community by donating to the charity. I would make a note that you are from the IM-NY event, this way we represent the SEMs!

I would like to thank our volunteer contributors who possibly burned the rubber off their keyboards covering the sessions for all those who were unable to attend. It is amazing how hard they work (I know, since I did several sessions myself) to get this live blog coverage up for you. Here is a list of the volunteers that are due our appreciation and thanks (feel free to comment thanking them). A huge thank you to Tamar Weinberg, Chris Boggs of Brulant, Debra Mastaler of Alliance Link and of Link Spiel Jeff Quipp of Search Engine People, Marshall Sponder of The Analytics Guru, Bill Hartzer and to Avi & Sheara Wilensky of Promedia Corp. Thank you all so much for helping with the coverage.

Here are the sessions we covered: March 17, 2008

March 18, 2008March 19. 2008March 20, 2008

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Keri Morgret

03/20/2008 07:27 pm

A big thank you! I have an increased respect for everyone who liveblogs, and really appreciate access to the information for conferences and sessions I'm unable to attend.

Ross Dunn

03/20/2008 07:27 pm

Wow excellent work everyone. I wish I could have been there to enjoy your company and witness a few of these great seminars first hand. Since I wasn't I will be taking a closer look at the notes from each seminar. Thanks for your hard work. -- Ross Dunn

Andrew Girdwood

03/20/2008 07:29 pm

Hey! Thanks *so* much. I tried to live blog a few events to... and sometimes with 'hilarious' results. I know just how hard it is! You lot did great! It was a shame I didn't meet more of you.

David Brown

03/20/2008 08:03 pm

I'm sad I missed SES NY this year... but very thankful for all of you live bloggers and twitters' I almost felt like I was there... just w/o a hangover ;) db


03/21/2008 02:30 am

Hi all, Thanks for the immense amount of coverage here - I was at SES NY but it's still impossible to be at every session - it's nice to know i can get the high points somewhere i can trust. ~Carrie


03/21/2008 10:22 pm

Great thanks to everyone! I appreciate your energy!

Matt McGowan

03/24/2008 02:11 pm

Barry - thank you for the coverage, well done (as always!). The event was a bit different this year, as you pointed out - that said, I think it was well received and hopefully it exceeded your and the markets expectations. Please do send me any feedback, concerns, thoughts,... you may have. Until next time - Matt

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