Social Media Research: Informing Search Strategies

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Moderator: Pauline Ores, SES Advisory Board and Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Engagement, General Business, IBM Corporation

Andrew C. Frank, Research VP, Gartner Media Industry Advisory Services is first up.

Marketing in the Spotlight: - Losing: -- Faith in the power of the mass media communication forms -- Ability to control the terms of the marketing dialog - Gaining: -- Unprecedented quantities of data -- Visibility into the public psyche -- Scalable direct consumer dialogs, at marginal media costs - Net: -- As it masters the data, marketing will adopt a more strategic corporate role as customer proxy in consumer-facing organizations -- New voice in product design, investment priorities, partnerships -- New emphasis on transparency and responsiveness.

Are Brand Advertisers Ready to Take the Plunge? - Shows a chart showing both answers

How Do We Use Social Media Info to Optimize our Media Mix, to influence our targeting models? A lot of this is to automate the advertising and agency model.

One of the key problems is that new media marketing organization is that they have too much information from very diverse sources.

Lots of people will supply new marketing intelligence platforms.

The landscape for social media metrics players include Nielsen BuzzMetrics (big player), other players include umbria, cymfony, buzzlogic, verisign, and many more...

Simplify and Test with a Phased Integration Approach: - Portal integration: Leverage intranet portal deployment for rapid service testing and feedback - Reporting integration: develop data dictionaries and tagging schemes - Model integration: custom ETL and regression platforms - Platform integration: process automation, cost and risk reduction

Jonathan Ashton, VP of SEO & Web Analytics, is next up.

Social content gives you good linkage. You can see trends and react faster. Tagging already influencing your strategies. Certain types of search have moved off the SEs and into the social networks.

27 Social Network Tools:

(1) RSS - Yahoo Pipes helps you filter

(2) News - Yahoo News - Google News - PRNewswire Feed - Reddit - Newsvine - Reuters - Google Alerts

(3) Blogs - Google Blog Search - - Technorati - Blogpulse - Conversation Tracker - Blog Trends - Blogger Profiles - - - IceRocket

(4) Tags - - - -

(5) Images - Flickr - YouTube

(6) Bigger Tools - - - Site Analytics from Compete - Search Analytics from Compete

Rob Key, CEO, Converseon is last up.

The community is becoming the center of the web experience. 12 - 24 year old want a community experience. Within these communities, brands have not been invited.

As communities diversify, new cultures and language emerge. Key drivers of culture and language speciation - isolation - group membership - time - migration - technological discovery

Words Die out and New Words Emerge

Principles of Effective Social Media Engagement: - Listen First - PArticipate and Learn - Make friends with community elders - Understand and respect community mores - Lead with altruism, come bearing gifts - Discover a community need - Learn the linguistics - Value and cultivate the relationships - Leverage appropriately ... over time

If you don't do that, you may be "busted"... or taken hostage (shows second life hostage take over).

Free Tools: - Yahoo Buzz - Technorati - IceRocket

Conversation Mining Tools also... He shows some tools but doesnt name them.

Wait, it is a product he sells.. Ah...

Got to run...

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