Happy Pi Day - No Logo from Google?

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Today is Pi Day, yes, March 14th, 3.14 and due to π being about equal to 3.14 (i.e. 3.1415926). Pi is a favored number by mathematicians and tech people - so I am a bit surprised there is no mention of it via a Google logo or Ask theme. However, I don't think they did anything in the years before.

But that didn't stop us, as you can see, we have our Pi Day theme live here. Here is a picture for archiving purposes.

Pi Day at Search Engine Roundtable

Do you have a favorite activity for Pi Day? If so, add your thoughts to PiDay.org on that.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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03/16/2008 02:40 am

Love your Pi Day logo. As a Pi lover, I spent Pi Day eating pie, and then watching the Pi Day Pi Drop at http://mathematicianspictures.com/PI/PI-DAY.htm . Also found a link there to the PI-O-Matic which dispenses MILLIONS of digits of Pi at a Pi Day website http://www.PiDayInternational.org. Not sure you take hmtl etc so I wrote these out longform.


03/17/2008 05:16 pm

i never go on google anymore, but i went out of my way to go on pi day to see if they had a logo and i was very surprised they didnt. they even did one for alexander bell's birthday on 3/2


03/12/2009 09:19 pm

go pi day!


03/13/2010 05:28 pm

they do have it now. as im writing this up, its march 14th in japan and generally that area of the earth while it is still march 13th for most of europe and America. but in about 11 hours, google logo will change for .com domain as well as other major domains for the pi day. it is already showing pi logo for .jp .cn .kr

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