Test Your Page Load Time Before Google Tests it For You

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So Google confirmed page load time will be a factor in the quality score and it is just a matter of time for this to be implemented. In fact, the Inside AdWords blog posted an official announcement about it last night.

Search Engine Watch Forums moderator, abbottsys, doesn't want to wait for Google to test his page's load time, instead, he is taking action now. He posted a nifty tool to test a page load time. The tool is at Pingdom.com and is pretty nifty.

Here is a graph of the load time for my article above:

Page Load Time Tool

My total load time is 1.9 seconds, what is really slowing me down is the Google Custom Search Engine which took the longest time to load.

So test out your landing pages before Google does. Yes, you will have several weeks of Google testing them out for you, but if you are in a rush, why wait? Plus, who cares what Google finds to be slow now, it is more about closing your deal.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

Update: SEO Consultants has a great tool as well, check it out at http://valet.seoconsultants.com/.

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SEO Jacques

03/08/2008 05:37 am

Finally! After all the years of emphasising how important it is for your pages to be small and load quickly, google is finally allocating value to this aspect of a website. We operate in South Africa, and our internet service is one of the slowest in the world. Because of this we've made a concerted effort to make our websites load as fast as possible. It is awesome to hear that we'll be rewarded for our efforts now! The bottom line is that search engine algorithms strive to emulate human response, and a slow loading page is likely to make a user lose interest and go look for information / services somewhere else.


03/08/2008 08:35 am

hey there, tks for sharing this useful tool, i've just installed it but i'd like to know how did u get the page u atacched here because i do not find the path to obtain thide so detailed report about the site speed. tks in advance


03/08/2008 01:26 pm

Here is another cool tool, showing the speed of your site from 25 locations around the world: http://www.watchmouse.com/checkit.php

jitin narang

03/08/2008 04:21 pm

Check out another tool (YSlow)at yahoo developer network. http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ Jitin Narang Google Adwords Qualified Professional


03/19/2008 12:16 pm

Monitis can check web page load speed down to each component of the page, important keywords, functional parts, etc. www.monitis.com


06/07/2008 08:52 am

As you suggest, I visted Pingdom.com, and founf it is usefukll tool for nay Web developwweand

No Name

02/19/2009 10:00 pm

Thanks for suggesting the great tool. It's really useful.

Ray Creations

03/11/2009 06:06 pm

Thanks for sharing this tool. But what should be the ideal load time for a page?


05/20/2009 11:31 pm

nope just show me what you got

Charles Nibbana

08/18/2009 07:32 pm

Wow, your page loads in 1.9 seconds, I'm uber jealous. Mine averages between 6-14 seconds. I definately need to put my site on a diet!


01/13/2010 06:31 pm

I hear that your page should load no later than 2-4 seconds (dsl). Mine averages around two seconds but goes up from time to time.


06/14/2010 06:53 am

thats nice tool it help me alot

Nichole Davison

07/19/2010 10:13 pm

Also FireBug(http://getfirebug.com/) has this functionality built into it along with other excellent development tools.


07/26/2010 06:02 pm

Approximately what should a maximum load time be?


04/12/2011 07:31 pm

Page loading btw 1-4 seconds are good enough!! nice tool!

Rich Millner

05/14/2011 10:32 pm

 Great tool. I t was very useful.

Brett Warner

05/31/2011 08:39 pm

Now they just need a diagnostic tool to tell you what you should change.


10/28/2011 01:57 am

This site` http://gtmetrix.com/` is imho having a better tool online, Page Speed and YSlow.


03/08/2012 10:29 am

For further, testing load speed should also be evaluated in different traffic conditions. With a load testing tool as powerful as CloudNetCare, you know how your website does respond when you have many users.

Emmanuel Obarhua

12/19/2012 07:32 pm

I was here last week, and after reading the article I went back to optimize my blog's load time. My site according to GOogle score 91/100 PageSpeed. Here http://www.worldwebsurfers.com/ I think that's great.


07/02/2013 09:55 am

Hi Barry, thanks for providing website speed test tool link. just now i too checked my blog page load time. It is also showing as 4.5 sec . Is this good or we need to decrease page load time..

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