Increase in Reports of Google Caching Wrong Pages

Mar 4, 2008 • 7:33 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

We now have three different threads in the past week that report Google has the wrong site in its cache for a query. We have seen this before, where we said Google Slow to Update Cache Data?

In that case, a cache command for a site was showing a different site in the Google cache.

Why would that happen? Could be how Google is handling redirects, could be just a out of sync cache showing old data, could be a virtual host issue where Google is confused which site is propagating for the IP address or could be something else.

The three recent reports come from this WebmasterWorld thread and also this WebmasterWorld thread, which we covered here and a HighRankings Forums thread. Plus we have an older report at Google Groups.

We see these reports prop up here and there but typically not at this volume. So maybe something is going on, on a wider scale at Google?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and WebmasterWorld and HighRankings Forums.

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Gary Bridgman

03/04/2008 08:30 pm

Re: "So maybe something is going on, on a wider scale at Google?" For a couple of weeks now, Google Groups users (admins) are filling up the GG help forum with desperate pleas for help. While the group-mail features seem to be working OK, the static group html pages keep reverting to mid-February content. Ditto on the file upload functionality. The "Google Groups Guide's" last remain-calm-all-will-be-well post was Feb 22. Google is making a lot of group leaders look like they are neglecting their sites.

Eric Werner

06/19/2008 06:26 pm

I have also noticed some strange caching behavior. We have a site that ranks for it's site name but the cached version is from the hosting companies placeholder site. Is this the same issue? Are there aspects that appear to be in common between the different sites that are experiencing this problem? (e.g. javascript)? And finally if someone has a good solution please Thanks e

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