63% of AdSense Publishers Say Earnings Down in 2008

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AdSense Earnings in 2008Earlier we released a poll that showed 37% of Google AdSense Publishers Earned Over a $1,000 in 2007. So on January 31st, I decided to run a new poll asking Google AdSense Earnings Way Down in January 2008?

The results are in and of the 187 responses to date, 63% said their earnings are down.

  • 63% of respondents said their AdSense earnings are down from 2007
  • 21% of respondents said their AdSense earnings are up from 2007
  • 17% of respondents said their AdSense earnings are about the same as 2007

Here is the chart: AdSense Earnings in 2008

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Jonathan Dingman

02/20/2008 08:03 pm

I definitely agree with those numbers. Revenue has definitely been down lately and I've had to resort to using other marketing tactics. It's actually been half good, half bad, as it's helped me diversify our earnings.

Jason Forthofer

02/20/2008 09:39 pm

I agree. However, it's funny, yesterday I had my best day ever. They must be feeling the pressure.


02/21/2008 07:21 am

My earnings went slightly up in January, but very much down in february. I guess some niches react slowly to economic changes.


02/21/2008 06:55 pm

Even if I used the "Competitive Ad Filter" (How about changing the innocent sounding name for that tool?) and spent a hour a day weeding out the garbage, misleading, ridiculous webpages which Google chooses to allow to pose as legitimate websites, they would continue to show up anew each morning like the Viagra Salesman who leave their unwanted calling card in my Email folder each morning. My conclusion: Google Adsense is SPAM.


08/10/2008 04:50 am

I saw this referenced at http://www.SubliminalMessages.Com and wanted to say that while payments from Big G may go up and down (and are curently WAY dowwwwwn!), many have found them to still be the best PPC provider out there.

Justin Hitt

08/28/2008 06:34 pm

Perhaps it's time to give Google a little "Google Shift" of it's own. In an advertising network I own I lowered the weights on all AdSense campaigns to give more traffic to producers. They will pay out more when they have less inventory to attract back publishers.

No Name

08/04/2009 07:34 am

I agree with you, my adsense earning also down from last january and hard to increase earning even more article have published.


01/06/2010 11:11 am

My adsense earnings are down as well (started in 03/2009).I have been marketing my blog more aggressively, have the ads on all the right places with the right colors and so on.What is going on? One would think that it is in Google´s best interest to keep publishers happy.

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