How To Changing Your Payee Name In Google AdSense

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There are times when Google AdSense publishers need to change who the check or payment is made out to. This is more common for first time AdSense publishers who make a mistake when completing the AdSense application and put the wrong payee name in the field.

Google has a handy form that allows you to Changing Your Payee Name. There are some restrictions and rules:

  • You are not allow to transfer or sell your AdSense account to someone else
  • You cannot change your payee name if you have a second AdSense account
  • When updating your payee name, you will need to update your tax information

To change your payee name go to this form.

A DigitalPoint Forums thread calls this a new feature but in reality, it has been around since at least last October. In any event, many publishers are unaware that this form exists. These publishers are delighted to know that they have this option, if needed.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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02/15/2008 12:44 pm

Its quite surprisingly really how disjointed the whole process of changing what seems to be simple things like this really is. I remember until fairly recently the simple task of changing the email address they had on file (and you used to login) was unable to be changed.

Barry Schwartz

02/15/2008 01:03 pm

I suspect it is because they want it to go through a special accounting department or something...

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