Google to Lay Down the Law on AdWords Display URL Policy

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Google Updates AdWords Display URL Policy from PPC Hero suggests that Google AdWords has updated their display URL policy. But after further research, the policy has not changed. I asked Google why would PPC Hero post this and they said they have emailed a select number of advertisers saying that Google will be enforcing the policy.

Over the course of the years, there has been numerous complaints about Google not enforcing this policy. In fact, some of those complaints came really close to home.

Google told me that starting April 1st they will be "strictly" enforcing the display URL policy. For clarification purposes, Google sent me the policy, which I will post here:

Display URL Policy:
To ensure a positive user experience, we require that your ad's display URL match its destination URL (the URL of your landing page). We monitor and do not allow ads with display URLs that redirect to different destination URLs.

For example, if your destination URL is, your display URL must also be The following would not be acceptable display URLs for an ad for

  • - this URL leads to a different site
  • - this URL simply redirects to
  • - this URL leads to a page showing content identical to

We do not allow the use of multiple domains or branding and vanity URLs. Please also be aware that we do not permit multiple ads from the same or related company, person or agency to appear on the same search results page. For more information on our Double Serving Policy, please visit

Tracking URLs We understand that many advertisers utilize tracking URLs within the destination field of their ads. If the URL of your landing page matches that of your Display URL, your ads will be approved.

For example:

  • display URL >> destination URL >> landing page URL would be acceptable
  • display URL >> destination URL >> landing page URL would not be acceptable

Forum discussion at Sphinn.

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02/13/2008 05:54 pm

I received the same warning from my Google Rep, but it was stated that the policy enforcement would start April 1st. Interestingly it was mentioned that any Adtext previously created to April 1st would be grandfathered, and could still be served as long as the approved ad was not modified. The enforcement of the policy is understandable although I will miss the tactic.

Stephan Miller

02/13/2008 07:02 pm

I was wondering about that. How everyone was getting away with this crap while I followed the straight and narrow.

Sam Daams

02/14/2008 08:53 am

I think we can put this down to Shoemoney's post on the matter a few weeks ago. Basically you could put down display url as and because of Google's reputation your ppc rate would be way lower than if you used your own url as the display url.


01/03/2010 10:49 pm

The Google smack down. I have thousands of live Adwords campaigns and it is good to see more stringent compliance for advertising

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