Duplicate Links: Better to be Safe Than Sorry?

Jan 24, 2008 • 9:52 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What happens if you link to the same page twice on one page with different anchor text? Does Google devalue the link at all? This question is asked on Cre8asite Forums.

I have 2 identical links on same page but with different anchor text. I know google will retain only one link for page rank, but I would like to know if the second anchor text will reduce the importance of the first anchor text (for keywords).

You really need not worry about this, says another member. There's no way to assume that the algorithm will penalize you at all.

How do you know google will only retain 1 link for page rank? Assume nothing!

However in answer to your question, there is no problem with having more than one link pointing to a specific page.

You may not know if your rankings will be impacted, but it doesn't appear from tests that these rankings have been negatively impacted.

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Michael Martinez

01/24/2008 06:38 pm

Technical literature published through the years suggests that all links to the same destination would be normalized (treated as one link) in determining PageRank. However, what the academic community sugests or assumes may not reflect what a search engine does. I have never noticed any significant impact from placing multiple links to the same destination on one page.

chris boggs

01/25/2008 01:32 pm

I agree with Mike. The pervaying opinion on this is likely accurate in terms of PageRank calculations. I have had no problems with using alternate anchor texts within one site or partricular page to another. One could theorize that the anchor text that is most relevant to the keyword searched would apply in helping that page rank better for that particular keyword.

Drew Stauffer

01/25/2008 01:35 pm

How about just linking for the users sake instead of thinking how every last link is going to effect your rankings. If it's useful to the user to have two links pointing to the same page then link it.

No Name

01/25/2008 08:10 pm

I aplud drew - what happen to linking for the sake of the user, or for that matter - becuase you like the info on that site [page] . maybe you find it relevant to the info or message on your page......


01/30/2008 05:12 pm

Nothing wrong with adding nofollow to all but one link - that link being the one with the anchor text you want to target... Everyone wins!


06/06/2008 06:16 pm

I have page in which three areas. top, middle and botton Top has top categories links middle is main part that having content and related links Botton is for just links.. that will show up globally on all the pages. Now at some of the page it duplicate the links with same anchor text.. Does it affect Page Rank? One more question my botton page (just all links) doese increase Page Rank? Thanks Het

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