Google Directory Updated: Penalized PageRank Scores Not Visible

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread reports that Google Directory also noticed an update from DMOZ and new PageRank bars. We reported last week on the first PageRank update of 2008, and as Andy Beard points out also, the Google Directory is showing new data.

What is interesting is that the data is from January 8, 2008 and if you look at the Computers > Internet > Web Design and Development > Promotion > Weblogs category, you will notice that the PageRank penalty many sites received are not displayed in the PageRank score in the Google Directory.

For example it seems like the Toolbar PageRank of this site is a PageRank of 4. But if you look at the most recent Google Directory update, this site appears to be a PageRank of 7. Here is a screen capture:

Google Directory PageRank Update

This seems to validate both Sites With Downgraded Toolbar PageRank Still Passing Link Juice and PageRank Goes Down but Google Rankings Aren't Affected. But the true affects, well - Google can really only attest to.

The last Google Directory update we reported on was September 25, 2007.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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BG Mahesh

01/15/2008 05:49 am

Unfortunately dmoz is slow as hell in accepting links. It is high time they speed up the approval process of accepting links. Waiting for years is a little outrageous.

No Name

01/15/2008 02:13 pm

The last time I submitted something to Dmoz it took about 5 weeks. Because of the volunteer nature of the editors it just depends on the activeness of the editor of the category that you submit to.

No Name

09/30/2009 10:24 pm

it happened to my site i really was up set but its doing quiet well at the moment

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