Skype's Browser Extension Converting Phone Numbers in Google AdSense Ads

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A DigitalPoint Forums member was browsing some ads and notice that one ad that had a phone number actually allowed you to place a call with Skype. The forum member wondered if it was a special Google click to call feature within Google's contextual AdSense ads.

No, this is not a Google feature. It is Skype's browser extension that automatically converts phone numbers on web sites into contextual drop downs to make it easier for users to call those numbers through Skype.

Here is an example of what it may look like on a Google ad when you have the Skype browser extension installed.

Skype Conflicting with AdSense Ads

Then when you click on that phone number, the menu opens up:

Skype Conflicting with AdSense Ads

Again, this is not a Google feature. In fact, it is a Skype feature which is somewhat conflicting with the Google AdSense ads. Since Google changed the clickable area of AdSense ads, this feature doesn't truly impact a publisher's earnings, directly.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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01/07/2008 02:45 pm

Something went wrong with the last sentence and link to the DP-Forum

J.A. Watson

01/07/2008 07:48 pm

Unfortunately, the Skype "Browser Extensions" have a lot of serious bugs in them, and have been known to cause everything from Skype hanging to Internet connections becoming unusable to Internet Explorer opening the Skype web page hundreds of times.

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