Making a 301 Redirect Work Faster with Search Engines

Nov 15, 2007 • 10:43 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

301s can effectively be used to inform a search engine that you have moved page a to a new permanent location. While they help make matters easier for webmasters, they are also so very sloooooooooooooow. A WebmasterWorld member wants to know if there is any way to expedite the process.

The only search engine that seems to somewhat support this is Yahoo's Dynamic URL Rewriting, where you can get your site crawled more efficiently by informing Yahoo of "dynamic parameters in URLs that they'd like Yahoo! to ignore, which [Yahoo will] then automatically rewrite accordingly."

However, there really is no easy way to speed up the 301 process, from what we know. Do you know any way to do it? What are your methods?

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John Fitzsimmons

11/15/2007 04:02 pm

"Do you know any way to do it?" ... When I read this posts headline I was hoping you'd have that answer. :(

Brian Mark

11/15/2007 04:22 pm

Submit a sitemap.xml with all the redirected URL's and all the new URL's both. This has worked for us in the past to get it done quickly.

Barry Schwartz

11/15/2007 04:28 pm

John Fitzsimmons, well, the answer is below your comment. :)

David Eaves

11/15/2007 09:17 pm

Put fresh links on the URLs that are redirecting, it is a bit of a waste of links though.

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