Google Sued by Northeastern University over Patent Infringement

Nov 13, 2007 • 9:26 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Is it ten years too late? According to numerous reports, Northeastern university is suing Google over a patent. The patent holders are looking for Google to pay the intellectual property fees.

Forum members are awaiting the results of the trial. One member, however, is not enthusiastic about this lawsuit and thinks it's baseless.

Any company as big as Google is going to face lawsuits, and you'd be surprised at the number. I bet Google is named in at least 100 lawsuits at the current time. That's something any major corporation has to face. Most are without merit, filed by psychopaths who have nothing better to do, but some are valid. I find it interesting that this suit was filed in Texas, even though no parties involved are based there. Google just happens to provide services there, so it was deemed an appropriate venue. Where doesn't Google provide services?

Is it really patent infringement? We'll see what the courts decide.

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11/13/2007 02:51 pm

As far as the Texas thing. Most companies have realised that eastern Texas is very plaintiff friendly when it comes to technology lawsuits and patent law. There is an article about it here.


11/14/2007 08:59 am

Seems like they had a read to the Links Building 101 by Andy Hagnas and aaron wall.. and there is a Point called: *Sue Big brands like Google* Link bait :D cud be?

No Name

11/14/2007 01:06 pm

Well thats google :) always involved with lawsuits and much much more !! well i guess people are easily jalous

No Name

11/14/2007 05:07 pm

It seems to me no matter what "Google" does some people want to make an extra salad out of them. In this case another lawsuit and the next one will be inline to follow. Pretty sad if you would consider that the courts are already overfilled with cases. Ya first people make fun out of the startup from Google and now they are after the big money ....just a crazy world if you would ask me.

No Name

11/14/2007 05:21 pm

I would also like to sue google for indexing my website.

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