Want Google to Speak at Your Event?

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Ever want to have Google representative come to an event of yours and speak? Let's say you are doing a small conference, maybe a seminar, heck maybe even an award show. Maybe you wanted to invite your favorite Google guy or gal? How do you get Google to agree to send the Googler?

That was the question asked in this Google Groups thread:

Subject: Hey Adam Lasnik

Hey what's up man? This is Catfish from SES. My company is helping to sponsor an Internet marketing conference here in San Diego in February (www.onlinemarketingsummit.com ). How do I get you to come speak at the show? :)

Susan Moskwa of Google replied to the thread explaining that you can request specific Googlers to come and speak at your event by completing Google's Speaker Request Form.

Honestly, I am heading to Israel in early February 2008. I am strongly considering having a little SEO/SEM meeting in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv while I am there. Just a half day event, where SEOs and SEMs can meet on that side of the world. Maybe we can get an Israeli Googler to stop by? Any interest in an event in that area, feel free to comment or email me.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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11/07/2007 05:29 pm

I think both are great ideas Barry. I know a bunch of Israeli SEMs who would be thrilled at the chance to meet and talk with you and with each other. Getting a Googler to show up would be a cool addition but a quick caution. When someone from Google shows up, they (and marketing at Google) tend to become the only focal point in the room. Best to schedule with this almost Newtonian law of nature in mind.


11/08/2007 09:51 am

Hi Barry, We are an SEO/SEM company from Jerusalem, and we would love to meet with you for a mini conference here in Jerusalem. There are also a couple of other companies that we are in touch with (we have a small meeting group called The SEO Circle). Can we call you to try and arrange this ? We will take care of finding the place and advertising the meeting in the SEO community here. If it is fine with you, send me a number where I can reach you and time that you can be reached. Regards, Branko, Jerusalem

Barry Schwartz

11/08/2007 12:00 pm

I'll touch base with you when I learn more on my side first.


11/15/2007 04:05 pm

Why do you offer people services and then jerk them all around into other things,failing to provide even the original offer.Trying to get them to install firefox or google pack when they just want the original service.MONEY?

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