Google .CN Spam Results Problem Continues

Oct 5, 2007 • 4:11 pm | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

A few weeks ago Barry spoke about Spam content being indexed at Google, which was originally attributed to some Chinese spammers. The issue has continued to be a problem, and as of today the results were still displaying some of the URLs. This could pose to be a big problem from Google's perspective, since many of the results reportedly try to download malware onto the visitor's computer. I did not try to click on the listings because I guess I am a scaredy cat.

There is a different thread at WebmasterWorld discussing this more specifically, and some interesting debate about how the content is making its way into the index, as well as how the nefarious programmers are getting Google to display a different URL than the one actually shown.

Since this issue seemingly has yet to be resolved at Google, perhaps you can solve the riddle and get offered a job by Matt Cutts if you join the WebmasterWorld forum thread regarding the .cn spam results, and come up with the real reason this is happening?

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10/06/2007 08:29 am

The pages .cn (page A) add links automatically in other pages (B), commentaries in blogs, forums, boxes of searches, etc.. Simultaneously Other pages (C), are spamed by the .cn to link to other people's pages (B), in which the link has been introduced with the same key. With this, they obtain similar content and (B) will obtain more authority. They camouflage the links with .edu and sites with authority. Summary: B-> C -> B D-> C -> D E-> C -> E B-> E -> B B,C,D,E -->


10/07/2007 05:52 pm

There are several problems with the .cn spam pages in Google. It seems that there are more than one spammer that exploited the hole in Googles algo. First there are the ones that just use .cn and then, it seems, there are the ones that are using .[space].cn and .[space][space].cn. It might be one and the sme doing this but I am guessing that there are several people doing it and they all have different ways of doing it, not saying that it might be a team of people attacking Google at the same time. One found a hole, told his friends about it and you have a spam attack going on. People tell me that removing the spam sites and sites being put on the last page is not realted but I still think there is a relationship between the two, maybe not in all cases but in a lot of cases. Google does not manually remove spam site. They try to find a spam signature that they can add to their arsenal algos and if a site fits this spam signature, even if it is not a spam site, then it will be removed alongside the spam sites. I don't doubt that for a minute. The only way you can get it back is to change YOUR site and ask for a reinclusion (hopeless!!) or Google manually add you back.

Matt Cutts

10/08/2007 02:23 am

Barry, I didn't mean to imply that every spammy .cn site would be completely gone going forward; just that there were some infrastructure changes that we wanted to do in order to handle these cases better. 1-2 of those changes are done and we have more in the pipeline. Apologies if my comments came across as "you will never see another spammy .cn domain again ever", but we're making good progress; there's already a lot less .cn spam than a week or two ago.

Barry Schwartz

10/08/2007 02:24 am

Cool, I actually didn't write this post Matt but I see.


11/17/2007 05:34 am

I know the name of one of the dirty .cn Google spammers: Bertrand Demiddelaer, located probably in France. Action should be taken against him.


11/17/2007 05:44 am

Bertrand Demiddelaer ( is one of the dirty .cn spammers. Action should be taken against this loser.


12/25/2007 10:45 pm

Bertrand Demiddelaer, a convicted felon, is currently under investigation for spamming Google result pages.

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