Google .CN Spam Results Problem Continues

Oct 5, 2007 • 4:11 pm | comments (7) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine

A few weeks ago Barry spoke about Spam content being indexed at Google, which was originally attributed to some Chinese spammers. The issue has continued to be a problem, and as of today the results were still displaying some of the URLs. This could pose to be a big problem from Google's perspective, since many of the results reportedly try to download malware onto the visitor's computer. I did not try to click on the listings because I guess I am a scaredy cat.

There is a different thread at WebmasterWorld discussing this more specifically, and some interesting debate about how the content is making its way into the index, as well as how the nefarious programmers are getting Google to display a different URL than the one actually shown.

Since this issue seemingly has yet to be resolved at Google, perhaps you can solve the riddle and get offered a job by Matt Cutts if you join the WebmasterWorld forum thread regarding the .cn spam results, and come up with the real reason this is happening?

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