Google Trying to Remove RSS Feeds from Search Results

Sep 17, 2007 • 8:36 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

The other day we asked Should Google Display RSS Feeds in Web Search Results?

Saturday, GoogleGuy, replied to the WebmasterWorld thread saying:

I think that we've been getting better recently about not showing RSS/Atom feeds in the search results.

So it appears that Google feels, in many cases, RSS/Atom feeds should not be shown in the search results.

I see that Search Engine Land's feed URL has dropped in the rankings for a search on search engine land but the feed can still be found on the first page.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

09/17/2007 05:23 pm

Except for the fact that spammers scrape them, I would prefer that Google create a filetype query operator so that we could search for RSS feeds. But that's just me.

Michael Martinez

09/17/2007 05:25 pm

Doh! ...never mind... Not feeling too healthy today.

Adam Snider

09/18/2007 06:40 pm

I'll be happy when I no longer click on a link in the SERPs and get taken to the "add to Google Hompage or Google Reader" page. I hate having RSS/Atom feeds show up in the SERPs. Having said that, I like Michael's idea about being able to specifically search for RSS feeds only.


02/22/2009 02:38 am

I just created a rss feed and I cannot seem to remove the old pages like that no longer exist even though I have taken them out of the xml file google still uses them. Any advice? Please e-mail me

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