Google's Image Labeler Promotion Goes to Page Not Found

Sep 17, 2007 • 7:20 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

If you visit Google Images in the UK, you get a little promotion for Google Image Labeler that reads:

Want to help improve Google Image Search? Try Google Image Labeler.

The link to Google Image Labeler links to But if you try going to that page, up comes a page not found error.

Not Found

The requested URL /imagelabeler/ was not found on this server

The US version of the URL does work at

Funny that a Google promotion link is linking to a page not found error.

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Matt Cutts

09/18/2007 04:24 pm

The right team saw this and a fix was already scheduled. It may take a few days to get out, but it's in the pipeline.


11/26/2012 07:27 pm

aw man, the service was taken offline. what's all this about bots/possible insider conspiracy? why does it seem not at all to have anything to do with why the service/game was shut down? why don't they shut down captcha the same way?

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