Yahoo Answers, The New Spamming Ground

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There is a DigitalPoint Forums thread that is taking note that Yahoo Answers questions and answers have a tendency to rank well in Google and other search engines.

Yahoo Answers has been ranking well in the search results for a while now. So the concept of using this network as a platform to try to help your traffic, is nothing new (although the title implies that).

But let's step back and look at this thread.

(1) Hey, it looks like Yahoo Answers ranks well, said one member. (2) "Interesting. Do people still use Yahoo Answers to drive traffic to their relevant website(s)?" Said another member. (3) "So go in and start answering some Yahoo Questions. you wouldnt believe the traffic i get with it!" said another member.

You see how it begins or ends for that matter. The spam controls at Yahoo Answers are nice, so let's see how bad it gets at Yahoo Answers in terms of spam.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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09/07/2007 09:50 pm

My account was closed at Yahoo for spamming. Thing is people were asking the same question over and over so all I did was just cut and paste my answer. Not spamming, just answering a question that someone wasn't smart enough to research first. For the next month I kept getting "Best Answer" emails from Yahoo and 6 months later some still come in. BeachBum


09/10/2007 06:10 pm

I think that any company that has a holistic approach to Internet Marketing and is including SMM, should add Yahoo Answers to the mix. My advice is to judiciously answer questions based on whether or not you feel the person is looking for a true solution, which would likely solicit a click through to a resource URL (ideally yours), otherwise you can invest lots of time with little ROI on your time. BeachBum - Perhaps the best course of action is to point them to the previous post where the question was answered? I think that could still solicit a "best answer" without reposting your content. Just a thought.


02/08/2009 05:17 pm

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