61% of Ad Agencies Don't Research Prospects Before Making Sales Pitch

Aug 29, 2007 • 9:49 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

An article about lack of research into sales pitches has Cre8asite Forums members reeling.

A new study by the Intelligent Business Group, a UK-based marketing think tank, provides a devastating critique of the performance of most advertising and marketing agencies ... Eighty-five percent of the survey respondents believe that the agencies pitching them do a lousy job of researching their basic business issues before making their pitch. Astonishingly, 61 percent believe that the agency did no research at all.

That's a huge number. The forums discussion wonders how much time members spend to pitch their SEO or SEM services.

Everyone says that they do research in some form or another whether to determine the industry, the type of product or service being sold, and information about competitors. Some of the participants don't generally make sales pitches at all; instead, people seeking services call them.

But this much is true:

The statistics are staggering but not unexpected. Too many people want to do their job w/o doing it.

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Paul Bradish

08/29/2007 02:40 pm

That is pretty amazing. Nothing bothers me more than when someone calls me selling a product only to find out that A) I had either sold the business months prior or B) I'm not even in the correct industry. It's shocking how many in sales don't do their homework.


08/29/2007 08:36 pm

These are very useful statistics. Thanks for the post.


08/30/2007 12:45 am

That's why 61% of businesses go with me. ;) Seriously though, ad agencies are very different from specialty SEO/PPC shops. Ad agencies typically have a number of people behind their sales staff, and can make certain claims that accommodate prospects due to prior success in specific verticals. And if you're really that good, people will find you because you're an expert in SEO/PPC.... right?

Mike Rosenberg

08/30/2007 06:17 pm

This surprises me and it doesn't. I am surprised that often research is not done prior to pitches, but not surprised because I hear all the time from folks I talk with that they are impressed I know something about their business. At least a little research should be a given...but in the long run I guess it helps those of us that take the time.


08/30/2007 07:54 pm

The funniest pitch is when I get calls offering me SEO services. This does not surprise me and like Garry I get told constantly how surprised that I know so much about them. Oh the joy of the internet for preparing your sales call. We never pitch but action the leads that come through us from referrals and rankings. Its amazing that any company would call a prospect without understanding thier business. I mean what are you going to sell them why are you calling them or trying to meet wiht them. bizzare.

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