Is In-House SEM Ineffective? Forum Members Don't Think So.

Aug 27, 2007 • 9:55 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

In response to an article by SEMPO about the ineffectiveness of in-house search engine marketing (caution, PDF link), Search Engine Watch members believe that SEMPO is off the mark.

The article highlights obstacles that get in the way of efficient outsourced SEO:

  1. SEO/SEM campaigns are time intensive.
  2. SEM requires dedication.
  3. SEM is very competitive and the market drives costs up.
  4. Successful SEM campaigns demand accurate tracking and analysis of effectiveness.
  5. In-house SEM programs often are unaware of search engine policies.
  6. In-house SEM programs do not have support.

But forum members believe that there are advantages to in-house SEO, such as keeping confidential information confidential, having more insight into the industry to which the marketing is being performed, and having internal control of the people within the company for whom the responsibilities lie.

Having someone in house provides a dedicated resource and know-how for any search marketing campaign. Being able to hire someone solely for the job of search marketing is very effective.

Forum discussion continues at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Michael Martinez

08/27/2007 05:47 pm

It looks like a thinly veiled marketing paper. Why would SEMPO publish nonsense like that? It hurts their credibility.


08/27/2007 05:52 pm

This SEMPO article was a pure propoganda/sales piece written by an inexperienced small SEM firm (look up the founders on Linkedin). Their 6 reasons are incredibly inaccurate and only illustrate their lack of industry experience and knowledge.


08/27/2007 07:49 pm

This article wasn't written by SEMPO. It was published to their "editorials" page and the authors' views most certainly don't represent the views of SEMPO or its members!

jeremy mayes

08/27/2007 09:06 pm

I completely disagree with every point they posted. And yes, I'm an in house sem. BTW, someone should let them know it's AdWords, not Ad Words.


08/28/2007 11:23 am

I'm an in-house SEM, and have had amazing success. This article is a not so veiled attempt at garnering new business.

Michael Stubblefield

08/28/2007 08:59 pm

I'd have to agree with the above, in principle. It's definitely a propaganda ploy rather than any kind of expert study or truly unbiased advice. And for the record...i work for a outsourced seo company

Andrea Spaventa

03/17/2008 09:53 pm

Thinking like a true SEO, my comment is this: If their article ain't linkbait, I don't know what is! (But seriously.. I don't agree with what they said either.)

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