Google Tests Referrals 2.0 (PPA) Beta Globally

Jul 16, 2007 • 10:30 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

According to a WebmasterWorld thread, Google is sending out more Pay Per Action emails to numerous advertisers, including those in Germany and Australia. Thus, it appears that Google PPA is being rolled out to other countries since it is already available to all US publishers. These advertisers appear to be relatively big publishers for now.

Thus far, some are happy to be included, though others are a bit dissatisfied with the lack of monitoring options.

I don't mind being volunteered, however let me monitor the performance...

Others just are upset that they're advertising competitors' products.

I checked my referral product list and find G has added products of competitors I donot want to promote, on my website.

Since they're still rolling out this as a beta test, we'll hear of more of this feedback until the final product is released to everyone.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Katinka Hesselink

07/16/2007 03:01 pm

I've also been included in the pay per action beta, and I don't consider myself a big publisher (though I'm also not one of the very small ones). I get a few thousand pageviews a day. My website is part Dutch, but the referrals offered so far are mostly English (US). So far I do think the referrals are actually relevant to my niche - something I had not expected at this stage.

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