Australian State of Victoria is Allegedly Stealing SEO Content

Jun 15, 2007 • 10:15 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Informational Sites SEO

A Threadwatch thread points to an Australian Search Marketing website that is seemingly indexing content from many SEO/SEM informational websites.

Todd Mintz, who discovered this, says that this site is creating confusion as Google is indexing the content as if it's located on this website rather than the original sources (Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land, etc.):

But, this isn't a passive directory that's passing high PR links to us...they are allowing my / our stories to be indexed in Google as being on their website (my story in question was viewed over 400 times).

I find it a bit curious that a government agency has created a splog-like database directory with little value and no original content. I find it a bit offensive that they are indexing my / our content as theirs. Some of the links redirect automatically to the proper page and some of the links take you to the government site from which you have to click thru to the original story.

What do you suggest should be done?

Forum discussion at Threadwatch.

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06/15/2007 02:29 pm

That's just evil...

Michael Martinez

06/15/2007 10:08 pm

A government Web site provides free links to SEO Web sites with on-topic anchor text and people are offended. Right. Well, they're linking to outdated and in many cases badly written and conceived advice anyway. To the Australian citizens who paid for the site: Caveat emptor.

Phillip Kemp

12/03/2007 01:55 pm

I really dont see what the problem is? i have lots of rss content on my site because it is interesting, up to date, and targeted, and saves me a lot of work. SEroundtable have rss feeds too you know? the links are all freely available and the Vic gov site is not alone, if you want to pick bones, they are not even indexed in google for most of the content. So IMO, are only offering what they "think" will be helpful to the public, even if they could do with some serious SEO themself. I guess at the end of the day, if you dont want to share information and get syndicated, remove your rss feed.

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