Did Yahoo! Search Marketing's New Shorter Descriptions Hurt Your Sales?


Last Wednesday, May 16th, Yahoo! Search Marketing went from long to short descriptions. They gave advertisers ample time and warning to adjust their descriptions, if they deem necessary.

I spotted a thread at WebmasterWorld showing that one advertiser is not happy with the results after the change.

My CTR since May 16 has fallen through the floor.

I assume this is because of the new short description policy.

To say the least, this particular advertiser is not happy. But there is only one post in that thread, no more complaints as of yet. I am curious, are others noticing any changes? Seeing a drop in CTR, sales, conversions or seeing an increase in CTR, sales or conversions? Or are you seeing no change at all?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/24/2007 06:49 pm

After reading this post I ran reports for three clients who perform well in YSM. The results that I received were a mixed bag. Two accounts saw a decrease in average CTRs (1.14% > 0.83%, 0.33% > 0.28%), while one account actually saw an increase (0.72% < 0.74%). The reports were run for 05/08-05/15 ("pre") and 05/16-05/23 ("post").

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