65% of Google AdSense Publishers Earn $100 or More Per Month

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adsense-earnings-pie-chart.pngA DigitalPoint Forums thread has one of the largest Google AdSense groups I know of. They are currently running a live poll, where they are asking publishers how much they earn per month, on average. The poll currently has 130 responses and is somewhat representative of the smaller publisher sub group, so I thought I share the results with you. Let me make this clear, this is not a random sample, it is of a specific subgroup of AdSense users, so it is not scientific nor fully representative of the AdSense publisher.

As you can see from the chart, 67% claim they earn a $100 or more per month from Google AdSense. 35% say they earn $500 or more per month. A whopping 23% say they earn over $1,000 per month or more and only about 4% say they earn over $10,000 per month or more with AdSense.

If you have not yet voted, you can at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Barry Schwartz

05/08/2007 01:36 pm

I am also sure there are hundreds of AdSense publishers that sign up and don't make anything because they don't spend the time. I honestly don't think making $100 a month on AdSense is out of the question. I would hope that 65% of professional AdSense publishers make over $100 per month, I would hope.

Rich Minx

05/08/2007 03:21 pm

I seriously doubt those figures. Who was sampled for this survey? I'm sure some people are making good money from AdSense but it certainly isn't the majority.


05/08/2007 03:21 pm

Agreed, Barry - I'd frame it as "65% of active AdSense publishers."


05/08/2007 03:23 pm

Agreed, Barry - I'd frame it as "65% of active AdSense publishers."


05/08/2007 03:46 pm

I made a whopping 7 cents last month.

Katinka Hesselink

05/08/2007 05:52 pm

There have been many polls on DP like this one, and most had the conclusion that more then half made less then a hundred dollars a month. It may be the setup. This poll is aimed at high earners - those making less then 10$ are likely to feel intimidated by this poll.

Cvos SEO

05/08/2007 11:01 pm

I would read this poll as: 65% of active adsense users make > $100/mo. Inactive/new users likely make < 10% of this.


05/09/2007 01:03 pm

That poll represents the data about professional adsense users who always try to maximize their earnings from adsense from sites or blogs. Hardwork always pays off.


05/15/2007 08:55 am

i am very upset becouse google adsense is not giveing good respones..


05/16/2007 06:54 am

A couple of missing questions, here. - How long did it take to build this income??? -- How many blogs are they running??? -- My experience shows it takes time to build up an "inventory" of blog pages that are indexed regularly by search engines AND it takes more than one blog to make any real money. After two years, I am running $200 per month, with more than one blog.


05/22/2007 02:08 pm

I agree with Steve. It took me one month, part time, to build my blog. And it took another 4 months to drive website traffic, not so much traffic. Then another month to earn an average of $2.4/month. If some people claim to earn more the $1,000.00/month, then they must have: 1. A lot of websites with less or no content other than Google Adsense. They pay 0.05 for Google Adwords per click, and earn from 0.10 to $10.00 per click on any of the Adsense Ads. 2. Click Fraud - the scheme 'Get Paid While You Surf' - they advise members to visit their website everyday and click on a unique ad, capture and send in a copy.


01/04/2008 10:08 pm

Very interesting poll Hope to earn a lot with my site.

No Name

06/22/2008 07:47 am

I don't think the figures are published and this seems to be the only poll, but it's heartening to see so many people earning more than $100. I guess it's a pretty big club. $100 is not difficult. Anybody can do $100. Seriously you don't even need a website to do that. But the interesting stuff is getting beyond that. To go from $100 to $500 is much more difficult than to go from $0 to $100.


07/03/2008 04:06 pm

its good buiness but i want traffic my web side

Madan Sapkota

07/17/2008 07:57 am

I think google is making owl to us because you know that he ask 10$/ad click but if you click same ad from your website you will get 0.04$ ??? 40% of google adsense holder are disabled because they want to make more money by clicking themselves, 40% others earn less than $100 and i don't know of others?? Madan http://javanepal.110mb.com

Name Withheld

07/23/2008 09:32 pm

Milo: One site here. No adwords and no #2. $6K each month. 6 years of love writing about a niche subject many have little knowledge of. Hint: It's not about IPods, and ringtones. It's a very laborsome job.


09/06/2008 01:08 am

You need to have more than one web site to make money online. IF you want to make $1000 a month you will need about 250,000 visitors a month with 2 percent of users clicking an add and getting 20 cents an add. This might not be obtainable with one web site it will most likely take a few web sites if not many to generate that kind of return.

No Name

10/08/2008 12:08 pm

It's not hard to make $100, but getting from $100 to $1000 is the toughest part. The guy who took 6 months to make $2.40 is doing something wrong!


01/18/2009 11:24 am

What is written here is mostly true, although I do not agree that 65% earn over $100 a month - perhaps 25% certainly do. I actually earn around $80 per month and it seems stuck at that figure... Bloggers have a harder time than the usual entertainment style website to earn $$$ although it is not impossible. Yes there are some dudes that earn $10,000 - that is real... no fraud, no cheating, but then as in any walk of life, we cannot all be the best or greatest.

koushik roy

05/11/2009 01:22 pm

i want to know how i am earning google adsence.pls help meeeee.


05/13/2009 10:51 am

I only earn less in Google and I don't know how to earn more. I just need help from experts.


09/13/2009 10:10 pm

Yes its not difficult to earn US$100 in one month If you want to make US$100 to US$1000 in one month then you must have at least 5 websites or 10 blogs and traffic is the basic element of adsense earning. Now a days people make US$500 easily with this method and common keywords developing niche sites

No Name

10/24/2009 06:04 am

yes..we've to spend at least 10 hours per day for our blog to keep updates the content

Xicroz Xadanz

11/22/2009 06:01 am

Use Google Adsense after deep knowledge otherwise you can't be success or earn. Don't go for Adsense if you have no deep web design and programming knowledge.

Madan Sapkota

01/22/2010 07:12 am

Nowadays I am also earning more than $100. Now i find we have to understand adsense first and start to work. Best of Luck.


01/18/2011 08:09 pm

well i was also earning at one time 250$ per month but right now earning a little bit low, hope to earn again that much


06/27/2011 07:53 pm

how to understand..........can you please help me???????

Chico G

07/15/2011 07:21 pm

I read many comments below about earnings and if you work hard it's not true .... I am 27 years old with 3 main sites ranked in the top 20 (1site#10/1stpage) for my keywords im seeing $2,000+ checks every month but i work hard for it with 30k-50k visitors per months 10% ctr. This is not a get rich quick program you need the be smart with everything because it's very technical. I just want to meet others that's making equal or more money than me we sure could help each other increase our earnings.


02/03/2012 01:11 am

Not to brag but I make anywhere from $960- $1,567 a month. And I Just opened my youtube account 3 months ago. And its going up, already have $4,553 this month so I guess I'm in the lucky 4% range yay me.

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