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digg-digest-icon.jpgIt's been a pretty interesting week, and well, truth be told, Diggers might hate censorship and SEO but they definitely like Google.

First of all, it's really true what they say. Diggers hate SEO types. That means that if your Digg submission mentions "SEO" in the title or description at all, you're 99% likely in for instant burial. I guess it's good for those of us who want to keep this information close to home, as the wealth of information provided by Todd's SEO Playbook week-digg-man.gif didn't make the cut. It's a shame that the breadth of knowledge provided by Todd cannot be dispersed as publicly as one would hope, but that makes his post incredibly special. Only those who seek the knowledge will find the gold.

However, other tactics are useful, if they fit the bill for what Diggers look for. Apparently, they all love Stephen Colbert. That's why these two pages become popular on Digg: first, SEOmoz's post asking people to make Stephen Colbert the Greatest Living American week-digg-man.gif totally rocked, and not after long, he was crowned the greatest week-digg-man.gif. (This is frustrating information to some guy named Brandon Wirtz who is trying to secure his #1 spot once again. Brandon, I'm sorry to ask, but who are you?)

Google's greatness shines once again. They are now the most visited site on the Internet, week-digg-man.gif beating out Microsoft, which was previously the record holder. All the same, they are apparently very rich week-digg-man.gif too, giving out more than $1 billion to website publishers.

Google has been focusing on changing the user experience lately. From one facelift week-digg-man.gif to another , Diggers are eating it up.

And of course, there are privacy concerns. Google wants to know everything you do week-digg-man.gif. The web history feature of Google is pretty comprehensive (and scary!) indeed. Consequently, Andy Hagans decided to volunteer Ask.com as the privacy search engine week-digg-man.gif because there are likely a few people who don't want to believe Google has so much information, and this could be a good move for Ask.

For fun and games, we learned that Marge Simpson searches for herself on Google week-digg-man.gif and finds Homer sunbathing -- unclothed -- instead. Also, Barry's great picture column week-digg-man.gif at Search Engine Land was widely accepted. Personally, those pics are awesome.

Last but not least (but there are so many other stories that made it on Digg lately), the Google Hell week-digg-man.gif story did become Digg popular for awhile. (Shame on the submitter, though, for sending a duplicate story with the same URL. Digg had to improvise and append a 2 to the end of the popular submission when really everyone should have just focused on the first story. Such is power of social media.) Matt's response week-digg-man.gif got buried, which goes to show how much a Digg democracy can overpower even the most basic and sound logic, especially when it helps users be better educated about how their sites can stay safe. Sometimes, social media is frustrating.

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05/02/2007 07:45 pm

Digg only hates SEO when they know it's SEO lol. That just means our job is to be more subtle with link/digg bait. However, for site's like mine, there's not a lot we can do about our URL. Great article overall Tamar!

Ed Bejarana

05/02/2007 10:49 pm

Great recap, except you forgot about Sanjya getting the boot from American Idol.

Tamar Weinberg

05/03/2007 12:04 am

Thanks Skitzzo -- I agree. If you want it to hit the main page, you can't mention SEO in the headline or description. And Ed: as excited that I was when he was booted off, Sanjaya isn't a search topic :P

Brandon Wirtz is the Greatest

05/03/2007 05:33 am

What do you mean who am I? I'm the only guy who isn't colbert on the first page of google results. I'm the guy with less than 100 links outperforming the SEO's who have over a thousand. And right next to Colbert who has oer 700k

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