Yahoo! Removes UK Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool


A WebmasterWorld thread reports that Yahoo! has removed the UK version of the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool.

The tool used to load over at but now it appears to just time out for me and those trying to access it.

It may be just a server issue or it may be a sign that Yahoo will also be replacing this UK version with a new one. Which they promised us after taking the Overture US tool offline.

We know they will begin expanding the Panama solution to the UK soon.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: A reader commented explaining that Yahoo changed the URL of the tool to the other day.Update: Statement from Yahoo!: This statement is from Yahoo and I am very OK with it. I am just tired, so I am quoting them, but I agree with Yahoo on this.

Since the launch of the new Sponsored Search system, Yahoo! Search Marketing no longer supports the tool, therefore the data is not reflective of the true volume of traffic throughout the network. With the new Sponsored Search system now in place, more tailored keyword data tools are being explored for the future.

For the time being, Yahoo! plans to adjust the tool to show information from January 2007, but it’s also recommend that advertisers use the more robust forecasting capabilities in the new Sponsored Search to gain insight into expected performance. The forecasting service available now within Panama and through our APIs is a great alternative to Keyword Selector Tool in terms of providing keyword data points for performance and cost.

Our forecasting service APIs provide a number of opportunities. They provide a forecast for an ad group, set of keywords, and a single keyword. The following forecast metrics are provided:

1) Average Position - The average position of the ad
2) Clicks - The estimated number of clicks
3) Average CPC - The average cost per click
4) Impressions - The estimated number of impressions
5) Max Bid - The maximum bid for the current forecast
6) Missed Clicks - The estimated number of missed clicks

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05/02/2007 04:02 pm

They changed the url the other day. Still works fine.


05/03/2007 08:50 am

And to be honest, this tool has always been riddled with time-out problems. Be patient my son!

Lily Grozeva

05/04/2007 12:18 pm

Yes, the keyword tool is removed from more than 10 days already. I completely agree with the time out problems, when I think about it I wont miss it...


09/19/2007 05:39 pm

Now, it finally seems, that ovt died. It doesn't react and shows no results - the language doesn't matter.


12/06/2007 12:30 pm

I am facing big problem as yahoo overture is not working.

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