Google AdSense Hosts with Access is Legit

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread got a bit heated over the belief that Google's Blogger service was stealing money from them.

If you add Google AdSense ads through the Blogger service (launched in September 2005), the AdSense code will automatically append this line:


Some folks in the DigitalPoint Forums thread thought this meant Google was sharing your revenue.

This is not the case. This basically tells Google that Blogger is allowed access to your account for implementation purposes but not for billing purposes.

One member explained this is called "Hosts with access" and then quotes the Hosts with access page in the AdSense console;

If you use a third party service (such as Blogger) to manage your AdSense account, that service will be listed below as a host. Hosts are sites or services that require access to your AdSense ad code and reports in order to provide you with AdSense account management through their site. Hosts do not have access to your address or payment information and you can disable their access to your AdSense account at any time.

How would you know if you have third-party hosts with access to your account? Just login to your AdSense account and click on "my account" and then on ""account access," you would see more information there. Here is a screen capture of my account, showing how you can disable any third-party access.


Finally, if you want to set up AdSense on your Blogger blog, learn how here.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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M Tahir

10/17/2013 06:37 am

i change my blogger adsence account ..third party access ..please help me...

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