Yahoo! Publisher Network Earnings & Relevancy Forcing Publishers to Revisit Google AdSense?

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It has been a while since I have compared Yahoo! Publisher Network with Google AdSense. I have seen threads over the past month or so, with complaints on the Yahoo Publisher Network.

A recent WebmasterWorld thread sums up all those complaints into one nice little package.

The issues publishers are noticing with the Yahoo! Publisher Network include:

  • Ad targeting is extremely poor and getting worse
  • Earnings are about two to for times less than with Google
  • Click through rates on the ads are five to ten times less than on Google

Most of the responses to these numbers are in agreement. Most have agreed that Yahoo's ad are not as targeted, drive less of a click through rate and earn them less money.

I have not personally tested any of this but I am curious, so I am placing an ad below and I would love to see how relevant it is. Of course, I am not going to look at the earnings on this ad - so don't click it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Barry Schwartz

04/30/2007 12:01 pm

I see ads for vonage, credit card, legal, construction, credit score, mastercard, dental, web design dallas, environmental air quality, surgery, weddings, awnings, and a music site.

Caribbean Guy

04/30/2007 12:45 pm

I see a variety of ads that could run anywhere -- ads for weight loss, vacations in Orlando, a franchise offering, etc.

Katinka Hesselink

04/30/2007 12:55 pm

I see 'adsense tricks' and 'maximize web revenue'. So both are relevant.

Adam Jusko

04/30/2007 02:40 pm

Saw automotive and dental ads. I assume the auto ads are based on your use of the word "drive" in the post. Can't figure out the trigger word for the dental ad, though. Maybe it's tied to anything marketing-related.

john factorial

04/30/2007 03:51 pm

There's an ad for a professional writing team that appears every time, most other ads are for SEO firms, and one ad ran for a group of folks who do all the planning and prep work in your kitchen for future meals (?). Those guys' link read "Delicious Fun Team Events."

John Kover

04/30/2007 04:08 pm

All WebCo Templates and Resolution Media, Chicago.


04/30/2007 05:44 pm

the more search + ad share google has the less people invest in writing ads for other engines / platforms. yahoo has less search traffic / ad impressions, therefor yahoo gets less inventory - which leads to irrelevant ads being served. they have to win the search traffic before they'll win the relevance battle.

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