Very Personalized Google Ads Spotted: Is this New?

Apr 26, 2007 • 10:40 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Is Google watching your surfing habits all the more closely to target ads that would serve your personal needs? Perhaps you haven't taken note, but a member on WebmasterWorld did.

I'm currently working on my personal site and I just happen to read some of the ads.

They are very off-topic for my site. But they are exactly my interests.

He says that he has browsed related sites and discussed the topic within his Gmail account -- and he suspects that this is the cause of the ad targeting.

Google has enough information for the personalized ads to be pretty targeted, so I wouldn't be surprised at this direction. Other members feel the same way.

Very interesting! I haven't seen this myself and haven't heard any news, but I wouldn't be surprised if Google was starting to implement "behavioral targeting" - seems to be the future of advertising. And between Search and Gmail and a bunch of other programs, Google is certainly building up quite a bank of information on people's interests!

Barry says that this is very farfetched for the time being. I think it's a likely direction with all the information Google has amassed about its users.

Have you noticed these extremely targeted ads? Let the readers at WebmasterWorld know.

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04/26/2007 02:53 pm

MySpace could use some of this *new* Google technology... :) Their ads are useless.

Barry Schwartz

04/26/2007 02:53 pm

AKA --- behavioral targeting...

Loren Baker

04/26/2007 03:32 pm

I've been noticing AdSense ads targeted to my web surfing and post-search behavior for a good while now, especially on MySpace. The ads shown there are targeted to the searches I've performed and profile information. I list Pearl Jam as one of my music interests, and on almost every admin page (not my profile page) I'm served ads for Pearl Jam Ringtones :) Have I seen this outside of MySpace? Nope. But since MySpace Google Ads are low quality, the guess it trying to raise the CTR% based on my web usage and personality traits.


04/26/2007 10:19 pm

Loren, do are you logged in to Google while online? Do you use Google Toolbar?


04/29/2007 03:00 am

and now, with doubleclick...

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