Screen Captures of the New Google News Results in Action

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Chris Sherman broke the news last week that Google To Integrate News With Web Search Results. In fact, yesterday, Chris Sherman saw it with his own eyes and email Danny a screen shot to be placed on Danny's Google News Results Now Live In Web Search Results. I saw it as well, from home, but not from my office. It appears most people can't see it. So I decided to show you before and after shots.

Google News Now (I did a search on "google news" ironically):

Notice the news results right in the middle of the page.

Google News Then:

Notice the news results at the top of the page, the way we are accustomed to.

Now, news is not always smack in the middle of the page. It can also be at the top, bottom, or in any of the top ten positions in the page.

Here is an example of searches I have taken at home but show news items at the top or bottom.

News results for DoubleClick Google search at the bottom:

News results for Gonzales Google search at the top:

Danny Sullivan will hopefully find out from Google "how the new changes will affect algorithms." If not, I am sure SEOs and Webmasters will analyze it to death in the forums.

For more pictures, including full size screen captures, check out my Flickr set.

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Chris Winfield

04/26/2007 03:07 pm

Wierd - I can't see it from my office or from any proxies either.


04/26/2007 04:54 pm

I can't either - very weird!


04/26/2007 09:03 pm

I remember reading that google sometimes does rolling releases of new features to get the reaction of a few people before doing wide scale distribution.


04/30/2007 08:48 am

Interesting how the result count jumps by almost 266,000,000 when Google factor in the news content. 802,000,000 < + news 536,000,000 < usual

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