WebmasterWorld's PubCon Goes Up Against Search Engine Strategies Chicago

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ses-vs-pubcon.pngWhile I was on the Daily Search Cast with Danny Sullivan, we got an email from Brett Tabke, owner of WebmasterWorld, who notified us about speaker pitches. Then Danny informed me that Search Engine Strategies Chicago this year, is the same week as WebmasterWorld's PubCon.

These are the two largest search conference out there today. So this is a huge deal.

SES Chicago starts on December 3rd and runs through the 6th. PubCon starts on December 4th and runs through the 7th.

Why is this such a big deal?

  • Speaker Overlap is huge, I would estimate over 50% of those who speak at PubCon also speak at SES.
  • Sponsor Overlap is also pretty big, many of the sponsors would have to double or divide their resources to be present at both conferences and monetarily.
  • Exhibitor Overlap is very significant as well, especially for small companies that don't have a lot of people on staff.
  • Press Overlap is not as big of an issue. For us, we can send people to cover SES and PubCon at the same time. But for smaller, one person bloggers, it won't be fun.
  • Audience Overlap is also an issue, although the percentage is probably not as big as the ones above.

Who will win the head to head battle here? Tough call.

  • Weather: PubCon Wins. Chicago in the winter is cold!
  • Venue: PubCon Wins. Vegas is a lot more fun than Chicago, but Chicago is a cool city.
  • Business Opportunities: SES Wins. I am pretty sure there is a more money to be made at SES.
  • Networking Fun: PubCon Wins by a bit. While Danny Sullivan has to be at SES, the SEM community is a bit more loyal to PubCon. But since the business opportunities are the advantage of SES, I suspect this will shake things up.
  • Educational Experience: About Even. Hard to say.

I would love to see which speakers are going where. Should be very very interesting.

I would like to conduct a small, anonymous poll, to see where most of you are leaning towards. So here it is:

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums

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04/25/2007 06:56 pm

Ouch, this is a tough one! I sit very much in the SES/SEW camp, although I've never been to Las Vegas before. I think freebies, speaking opportunities and ultimately my boss will be the deciding factors for me.


04/25/2007 08:14 pm

That overlap would be a hard one to cover, even for the seroundtable ;-)

Cvos SEO

04/25/2007 08:20 pm

Barry I have to disagree with you, I think more quality marketing secrets are shared at PubCon, which is where I will be that week.

Richard Burckhardt

04/26/2007 02:55 pm

No brainer. I'll head for Vegas. Given a choice between the two equally great events, I'll take Vegas that time of year. Nice to have a sunny alternative!


04/26/2007 03:38 pm

pubCON FOR SURE !!! is all year round , there is only one BIG PubCon

Poll Police

04/27/2007 03:41 pm

hmmm...funny how the votes for SES Chicago just went up by over 100 votes in less than two minutes, as I was voting fo PubCon and after PubCon had been clearly winning by a 3 to 1 margin for two days....


04/27/2007 05:35 pm

hehehhehehe over at threadwatch we were joking about automated voting and all of a sudden there is a sudden jump of ses votes. i love friday fun.

Wil Reynolds

05/07/2007 09:40 pm



05/11/2007 09:05 am

Shame on them for doing this. Shame on Brett.

Andrew Goodman

11/13/2007 12:28 am

Barry, like many, I'm disqualified from answering impartially, as I'll be heading to Chicago as a speaker. But looking at your post - I think you just answered the question for everyone! Essentially, you asked people if they're going for business, or a party. If the answer is business, then it's SES. (I'm pretty sure there will also be parties in Chicago.) Anyway, based on that measuring stick, everybody wins. I enjoyed last year's "party" in Vegas.

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