A New Way To Remove Content in Google.com via Google Webmaster Central

Apr 18, 2007 • 7:30 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Vanessa Fox of the Google Webmaster Central team announced that Google Webmaster Central now supports the easy removal of content from their index.

In short, if you login to your Google Webmaster Central account, you can easily remove content (individual pages, directories, entire site or cache copies) from Google.com, if you have verified the site. The blog post also explains new ways of requesting the removal of content that you do not have access to.

Google Releases Improved Content Removal Tools from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land has a very detailed write up on how it works. If you are interested in understanding it in detail, read Danny's post. If you just want a quick glance at how you can use it, check out the Google Webmaster Central Blog because they have tons of screen captures.

I am not going to get into how it works or how you make it work.

This was announced later last night, so we currently only have a thread at DigitalPoint Forums.

Overall, this is a nice step for the tool. We know Yahoo added the remove URL feature to Site Explorer earlier this year. But Google's approach is a bit more detailed. But still, nice to see these features and ways to interact with your content via Google.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Peter van der Graaf

04/18/2007 02:56 pm

At last a great way to exploit "hacking a file into someones home directory". I've seen my hacker friends get a google html verification file into the root directories of some prety big websites, but the only use i saw where the query statistics. Now it can be used for even more evil. You can get the site removed from Google!

Gladstone Drake

02/10/2008 03:58 pm

hellow..!;im Gladstone Drake,i domean to complain to Google about a Certain problem i notice in ma Search. whenever i write ma name GladstoneDrake in Google-Search,i will bring along ma Result and another person's result:Ogaga Onowighose profile in Graduate.com,please delite it from ma list ,i dont need that.thanks to u

Jimmy Riley

04/05/2008 02:46 am

I was wondering if anyone has tried using one of those companies that claim to be able to remove links or your name from google? I have looked into a couple of them: www.defendmyname.com and www.Cyberfootprints.com Im thinking about trying them and wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences they could share.

p chowdhury

06/01/2011 11:21 am


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