To Launch New Search Algorithm Code Named Edison

Apr 12, 2007 • 3:32 pm | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under - Ask Jeeves is set to launch a new search algorithm code named Edison. The new algorithm will combine Teoma and Direct Hit, two search engine technologies that purchased a few years back, to bring about a new algorithm, Edison.

I was reviewing the social search panel where Apostolos Gerasoulis, co-founded Teoma Technologies, know own by Apostolos has leaked this information in that panel.

I have confirmed the existence of Edison with Jim Lanzone, the CEO of Jim was not able to give me any more comments or details on Edison.

So I decided to meet with Apostolos Gerasoulis this morning, and I received some more information about Edison. Here is what I got for you.

(1) Direct Hit and Teoma were the original social search engines. - Direct Hit which was purchased back in 1999 by Ask, uses click data to determine relevancy for rank. So the more clicks, the higher the click popularity, the higher a page would rank. - Teoma uses hubs and authorities to determine relevancy. In a sense, it uses the "wisdom of the crowds" to determine relevancy and show the best results they can.

(2) Apostolos explained in his presentation this morning that they will be combining the best of both Direct Hit and Teoma into one engine.

(3) Apostolos also explained that they have been tagging for three plus years. So for example, if you do a search at, that search query you used, will be associated with the pages you click on So if you search on "cars" and click on the first result, the first result will be tagged as "cars" behind the scenes.

It is my understanding, the new search algorithm, code named Edison, will consist of these three components and more.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

Update: issued a statement which I posted at Search Engine Land. I also wonder if it is named Edison because that is where AG lives and works.

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Michael Martinez

04/12/2007 09:01 pm

Well, this pretty much seals their fate. Direct Hit was even more stupid than PageRank and it was the absolute easiest of all the algorithms to manipulate. Get out your click proxy networks, dust them off, and update your URL lists.


04/13/2007 12:02 am

The Edison name has me intriqued, too. has come out with three patent applications in the last few weeks. One of them has only one inventor listed, and he's from Princeton. The other has a number of inventors listed, with a couple from Edison. The third focuses upon duplication detection of images. Is the second patent application the "Edison" Algorithm? Can't tell with any certainty. It is interesting, though.


05/05/2007 04:51 am

at the end of the year we have heard about the yahoo social search engine in a meeting about search engines of three giant google,yahoo & the question how the social search engine works?is it keyphrase based?how it be accurate....or the query it brings the social link counting? it will really enigma....Now we look for new algorithm, Edison will influence the monopoly search of google.wellcome edison.


10/16/2007 05:51 am

i want feom you to give me new algorithm to complete my master study and thank you

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