Popular Blogger Kathy Sierra Receives Death Threats

Mar 26, 2007 • 9:58 pm | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Social Search Engines & Optimization

As reported by Kathy Sierra herself, in what could be her last post for Creating Passionate Users, severely abusive and threatening blog comments have forced her to cancel a speaking engagement.

As described in shocking detail, she has been publically verbally assualted with sexual and life threatening images and content, not only in her blog but in two other blogs.

For the last four weeks, I've been getting death threat comments on this blog. But that's not what pushed me over the edge. What finally did it was some disturbing threats of violence and sex posted on two other blogs... blogs authored and/or owned by a group that includes prominent bloggers. People you've probably heard of. People like respected Cluetrain Manifesto co-author Chris Locke (aka Rageboy).

Kathy's writings reach out to many web related industries. She's earned a large, strong, loyal readership due to her keen insights into user habits, and wonderful sense of humor. Cre8asiteforums is discussing this sad news.

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Ron E.

03/27/2007 05:22 am

Hello, In trying to express my rage and unrest towards these violent events made to Kathy, I created a small graphic called "Zero Violence Blog". I've posted it in my blog hoping people will download the images and include them in a small post relating to freedom of speech, and expressing the support Kathy must be needing today. If you feel like doing so, please head there or ask me and I will e-mail the logos directly to you. I hope you are moved enough as to try to express yourselves and do something now, before violence spreads wider into our blogging lives. Thanks, Ron E. http://brandcurve.com/zero-violence-blog/


03/27/2007 11:17 am

I'm a fan of Kathy's writing - but I'm also a fan of Chris Locke, onw of the blog 'owners' she names... http://www.rageboy.com/2007/03/re-kathy-sierras-allegations.html

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