Gmail Accidently Blocks Yahoo! Group Emails

Mar 20, 2007 • 7:55 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Reports come from Google Groups that Yahoo! Group emails are not being delivered to Gmail users.

The first post came in March 16th and said:

I haven't been getting all my mail from my Yahoo groups. They're not bouncing just not getting though although I can see them on the group's message archive. Ideas?

On March 19th, GmailGuide has confirmed the issue to be on Google's side:

We have worked with Yahoo Groups to resolve this issue. You should now be able to receive messages from Yahoo Groups in your Gmail account.

Thanks for your patience,

Gmail Guide

Also, Yahoo! has confirmed it is on Google's side:

We've had reports that some users with Gmail accounts have not been receiving Groups mail since approximately March 14, 2007. This was a difficult issue to diagnose, because we were able to replicate the issue with some, but not all, of our test Gmail accounts. Some of us were missing Groups messages in our Gmail accounts, some of us were receiving them as usual. We appreciate those of you who wrote in detail about the problems your members were having on the Groups Technical Issues board and in email to Customer Care. Having detailed information helps us get to the bottom of issues faster.

The problem appears to be on Gmail's end. We have gotten in touch with the Gmail team and are working to resolve this issue. We'll post an update when this has been resolved.

Is it resolved? Supposedly not, even thought Google says it has been.

Continued forum discussion at Google Groups.

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03/21/2007 01:23 am

Not entirely related but Google Reader/IG no longer picks up the new entries in the rss feed from the Yahoo Search Blog as of the 3/12 posting (their redesign). Even more strange is that the Feedburner rss feed does not work either. I notified Google last week but neither feed is working as of right now. Both feeds are working in every other service and desktop reader I've tried.


03/26/2007 12:59 pm

This may be a coincidence, but I recall that back when GMail was initially becoming hot, Yahoo Mail blocked GMail invitations that were sent to Yahoo accounts. They'll probably always deny it, but I remember it like it was yesterday, and I wasn't the only one affected.

Prashanth DN

06/27/2010 08:56 am

I too am facing the same problem. I'm not getting yahoo groups emails in gmail even though I've added my gmail ID as a group moderator. Tried removing and adding my gmail ID but I'm not getting any of the yahoo groups emails in gmail. Highly frustrated..


04/12/2013 04:47 pm

Did not realize this was happening. But my issue has nothing to do with groups. People sending from gmail to yahoo....I don't receive the email. It does not bounce. It never comes through. If someone had not copied another email address I would have never know I missed anything. :-(

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