How To Remove The & Malware Notification?

Mar 14, 2007 • 7:02 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

In January, Google starting beefing up malware warnings in the search results. A Search Engine Watch Forums thread asks how does one remove the warning quickly.

Danny Sullivan replied to his question by linking to a post at Google Webmaster Central that explains the process.

In short, you need to "email appeals at to request a review" and if they feel you have removed the "threats" from your pages, they will remove the flag. Then, as Danny said, it may take 2 weeks to process that and update in the Google search results.

Is there a way to expedite it for a small business? I honestly don't think so, at this present time.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums & WebmasterWorld.

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02/27/2009 09:31 pm

i hate the stopbare ware. i cant even find a movie without it bloxking me.


02/27/2009 09:31 pm

i hate the stopbadware . i cant even find a movie without it bloxking me.


10/09/2009 12:38 am

stopbadware is driving me crazy! It comes uninvited and interrupts whatever I'm doing. Strange that if I use a different ID, on the same programs, it doesn't interfere! What can be done?


05/20/2010 05:08 pm

how can i remove badware from


12/24/2012 01:35 am

I seriously believe that many of attaches their warning for political reasons to sites that they are against.

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