Google March 2007 PageRank Update?

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Looks like we have reports via WebmasterWorld starting a few days back of a Google PageRank update.

I am not getting in the debate of how important PageRank is or is not. I discussed PageRank over here so that I don't have to mention it in every PageRank article.

So there seems to be a PageRank update taking place. This is just a toolbar PageRank update, so do not expect your rankings to suddenly change.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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David Eaves

03/02/2007 05:51 pm

There hasn't been a PageRank export, somebody has got mixed up at webmaster world.

Carrie Hill

03/03/2007 04:22 pm

I use an online live PR tool that has given my sites pagerank for a few months that only recently showed up on the Google Toolbar. I think rather than a pagerank update it's more of a toolbar update :) Not commenting on the importance of PageRank - just sharing my observation


03/14/2007 09:33 pm

there is no PageRank update for March, wait next month...


03/19/2007 09:34 am

hi there people, there was some kind of update yesterday. I use a tool to check for pagerank on 30 google data centers and all of a sudden the values went down slightly for 3 hours and the went back to the original. I think its a sign of an update in the next 5 days. just my 2 cents.


03/20/2007 06:34 am

I think it was a pagerank update of sorts or google getting ready for it. and a security, backlink, affiliate, good old once over. Yahoo also followed suit as well, and at the same time on me, double whammy. one of my sites lost 20000 links all up, thats a lot for a little guy. my main site, lost the lot, i got zeroed by it Go Google, go * i dont know if anyone noticed as well, but hotscripts took a hammering, from millions of links, to thousands. so it isnt just the little guys i guess. Have a fantastic day Phillip

lazer epilasyon

03/20/2007 12:17 pm

I'm waiting March update.


04/06/2007 04:33 pm

We havent seen a update yet. It should happen 2nd week of april. Right? Jim (

Barry Schwartz

04/06/2007 04:34 pm

Why should it?


04/29/2007 09:07 am

now its happening! i've got an update from PR0 to PR5 with

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