Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking Reporting Inflated Figures?

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There are two separate reports from two different threads that Microsoft adCenter's conversion tracking is inflating their figures.

First, what is adCenter conversion tracking?

The adCenter Conversion Tracking help says:

Converson tracking is a free feature provided by Microsoft adCenter to allow you, the advertiser, to identify how many actual conversions result from users clicking on your ads.

What are the requirements?

Your site must support JavaScript. Other than that, you will just need to complete a few simple steps for this service to work. From the adCenter console, go to the *Help* menu and click on *Start or stop conversion tracking* for complete instructions.

So why are tech savvy webmasters reporting that Microsoft is inflating these numbers by 50% and more?

PPC at Search Engine Watch Forums says "their conversion stats they are providing us are inflated by about 50%! Some days I'll see a term with one single click and four conversions!"

Natekapi at DigitalPoint Forums says "the conversions are obviously off because it told me I had 10 in 1 day, when I really only had 1 conversion from AdCenter."

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums & DigitalPoint Forums.

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03/02/2007 09:54 am

No inflating, if anything UNDER-reporting (due to users removing cookies and the like). The conversion cookie (placed when the ad is clicked) stays active for 30 days. If a user converts within 30 days and the cookie is still there, that counts. So there's absolutely no point in looking at one day's clicks and comparing the same day's conversions. This 30 day window is stated in adCenter help.


03/02/2007 01:37 pm

a lot of new SEM users don't "get" conversions (don't see how you can have four conversions and one click), but also, that thread was from summer of 2004... none of the other comments in the thread (concerning user interface) even apply anymore - why bother to bring this up?

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