Yahoo! Adds NOYDIR Support To Exclude Yahoo! Directory Titles in Yahoo! Search Results

Feb 28, 2007 • 1:18 pm | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Yahoo! has finally added support for SEOs and Webmasters to specify that they do not want their Yahoo! Directory title to be displayed in the Yahoo! Search results. They promised they would do this October 2006 and then promised it for us in January, so just a month late - we have it. So if you want to tell Yahoo! not to use your Yahoo! Directory tag, just add one of the following pieces of code to your site:




Then next time Yahoo! Search crawls and indexes those changes (can be days or weeks or months) you will not longer see the Yahoo! Directory tag in the Yahoo! Search results.

Currently, my RustyBrick Yahoo! Search listing looks like this:

Yahoo Directory Title in Yahoo Search

But my title tag reads:

Web Design, Web Development & Web Services New York, NY

Will I add this tag to my listing, I may or may not. I am in no rush.

Thank you Yahoo!

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Aaron Rubin

02/28/2007 07:59 pm

Thanks for pushing it. Helps me.

Scott Clark

03/01/2007 04:37 am

It's been a long time coming, but very glad its here. Now I might be able to actually take control over organic click performance. I know you had a hand in keeping it on Yahoo!'s radar... thanks.


03/01/2007 08:01 pm

Thanks for the info. I never understood what was going on with Yahoo. I am def. going to implement this right now. --- John

No Name

03/14/2007 07:20 pm

Hi mate, Your a life saver! There was no way that I'd sacrifise my sites title to just "Phonenumbers4u" but now Yahoos! finally letting you use your own title tag, I'm going to join their directory today.


05/08/2007 06:46 pm

Thanks, I was wondering how to do that

No Name

11/06/2007 01:46 am

I recently read that doing this will help with rankings in Yahoo - has anyone else seen this?


07/30/2010 03:12 pm

I added the tag and my listing was updated within 1 week.

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