Yahoo! Search Update Now Rolling Back?

Feb 15, 2007 • 7:43 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

On January 19th we reported a Yahoo! Search Update was underway. Now, recent updates to that WebmasterWorld thread suggest that Yahoo! is rolling back that update, to the previous state.

On February 14, starting at message number 3252410, textex asked:

Seeing some rollbacks...anyone else?

Some are not considering this a rollback but a phase two of the update.

Exactly what is going on, I am not sure. I do not think this is a full new algorithm or index update. But there are substantial reports of changes taking place at Yahoo!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/15/2007 02:25 pm

Not sure about everyone else, but I hope it is not a "rollback". On February 5th my traffic from Yahoo sky rocked. One of my accounts went from 300 uniques a day to over 1,000 a day (with no greater CPC). I had terms jump from page two to page 1, 2nd overall spot... Now this account had 5 quality scores across the board, nonetheless, the recent update has helped out many SEM's who focus on testing and building strong adcopy.

Michael Martinez

02/15/2007 03:37 pm

It's definitely NOT a rollback as titles displayed by Yahoo! are not behaving as they did prior to the update. Once again, some people have made assumptions that should simply not be taken seriously.

R Wells

02/16/2007 05:17 pm

My traffic is off by 95% since changes plus the new platform destroyed my existing ad campaign. It was like Yahoo took my keywords and ads and threw them in a blender. I ended up with a whopping 292 ad groups by the time they were done "upgrading" my account. Which destroyed my campaign? Hard to tell, but amazing to watch since I am one of their oldest advertisers. I am now going to focus almost exclusively on Google. Yahoo has made my campaign useless.

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