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Google released a Link Analysis Tool this Tuesday and the forums have had a couple days to digest the tool. I went through many of the forums and gathered all the feedback I can find in terms of suggestions to improve the tool. Here is what the forums had to say.

  • Add an API to access the data
  • Filter option by Recent Data Found
  • Filter by Last Date Found
  • Sort by Link Numbers
  • Filter by PageRank Score
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Open it for competitive analysis (not sure if this will happen)

Some additional ideas from me:

  • Graph those links, bar graph to show links growing over time
  • Filters for those graphs, to plot only PR # to # on that chart
  • Filter the report that shows you new links (to see how many new links have a PR of # versus a PR of #)
  • Anchor Text reports (show most popular anchor text used for your links)
    • filter those by PR also, and other standard filters
  • Outlink To Inlink Ratio Report Per Page
  • Show Links by IP address and C-Block

Of course, just providing enough of this data and enabling us to export the data (as they do or add an API), then we can graph it ourselves.

This is an excellent tool, thanks again Google.

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Chris Beasley

02/08/2007 04:28 pm

FYI Google already shows most popular anchor text within the sitemaps general area. Have for quite some time. It really kinda drives home the importance of a keyword rich domain, or atleast how a keyword rich domain can help. for instance if you look up this site I'm sure you'll see in the top 10 the words "seroundtable" and "com"

Barry Schwartz

02/08/2007 04:31 pm

right, but you cant click on it to see who is using that anchor text.


02/08/2007 05:27 pm

You may want to add a domain filter to show only one link per domain. Somewhat like Yahoo does in their tool. When I am on someone's home page blog roll I get a ton links from the same domain. Google has to know not to factor that in, right?

Aaron Shear

02/08/2007 06:29 pm

An easier way to navigate through the results would be nice. When you have millions of pages in the index its hard to keep clicking next.

Michael Martinez

02/08/2007 10:47 pm

Filter by PageRank? Oh please. Get over it, people! It would be more useful to make the results collapsable by domain/sub-domain/folder so we don't have to scroll through 20 bazillion forum posts. It would also be good to keep Main Index and Supplemental Pages separate (assuming the Supplemental Pages will ever be included in the linking report). It will also be good to sort by link anchor text. And while we're asking for REASONABLE information, it would be good to see a "uses nofollow" report. And to have the option of seeing results with and without "nofollow".

SearcH EngineS WeB

02/09/2007 07:49 am

Everyone got those suggestions and ideas from "YouKnowWho" posting on various top SEO blog IMMEDIATELY after the release. If these suggestions are inacted by Google - this will represent the latest of an amazing influential run of achievements.

Barry Schwartz

02/09/2007 11:03 am

SearcH EngineS WeB, Who is "YouKnowWho"?

Milan Kryl

02/09/2007 12:36 pm

I'd like to have Sort by Link Numbers at least. For other feature request I'll wait :) I'd love to have all backlinks in the report, but it can be problem to archieve. We'll see...

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